gxLib Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
gxAudioCardWrites audio data to a sound card
gxAudioClockConnectorConnects the clock source to all clock sinks
gxAudioClockHelperHelper class to connect filters/soft-synths to the clock source
gxAudioClockSinkImplement this interface to receive audio clock notifications
gxAudioClockSourceImplement this interface to generate audio clock notifications
gxAudioConnectorConnects the audio pins of filters in a graph
gxAudioDeviceEnumeratorEnumerates audio and midi devices (such as sound cards, midi interfaces etc
gxAudioFactoryAbstract class factory for audio classes in gxLib
gxAudioFilterAn audio filter, such as a soft synth or an effect
gxAudioFilterEnumeratorEnumerates audio and midi filters (such as soft synths etc
gxAudioGraphEncapsulates a graph (or network) of audio filters
gxAudioXmlGraphWriterHelper class to write graph info to an XML stream
gxAudioXmlSystemWriterHelper class to write system info to an XML stream
gxAutoPtr< T >Helper class to ensure that an object is deleted when the helper goes out of scope
gxMidiConnectorConnects one group of midi pins within a graph
gxMidiDataAbstract base class for midi data objects
gxMidiDataQueueAbstract base class for midi data queue objects
gxMidiTransformAbstract base class for midi transform objects
gxPanelAbstract base class of a graphical user interface (GUI) panel
gxPathRepresents a file path as a collection of path segments
gxPlatformHelperEncapsulates platform-specific utilities, such as threads, synchronization objects etc
gxPropertiesEncapsulates a collection of properties - key/value pairs
gxQuickLoggerLightweight logger optimized for high-speed performance analysis
gxThreadEncapsulates a native thread on the platform
gxThreadRunnableImplement this interface if you want to execute code within a different thread, but without subclassing gxThread
gxThreadSafeObjectBase class for all thread safe objects
gxThreadSynchronizerHelper class to ensure that a method is sync'd and then unsync'd when the method or block goes out of scope
gxXmlAbstractParserHelper class for implementing an XML parser
gxXmlAttributeStores information about a single XML element attribute during parsing
gxXmlElementStores information about a single XML element during parsing
gxXmlElementSpecSpecifies the validation rules for an XML element during parsing
gxXmlTableUtility class for sending and receiving XML content that has elements similar to an HTML table

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